About Ingenuity Design

We’re not just proud of the work we do, we’re also proud of who we are. Ask anyone who works here, and they’ll say the best part of working at Ingenuity is the people. We love the work we do and whom we do it with—that shapes the company we are.

We Collaborate

When we work together, whether it’s internally or with our clients and partners, we embody the phrase “Teamwork makes the dream work.” (We’re considering tattoos of it…or maybe just a shirt.)

We're Clever

We pride ourselves on striving to find unique and thoughtful solutions for every problem. We like to go above and beyond and keep our clients on their toes, so be prepared for the unexpected. We may deliver exactly what you never knew you needed. (See what we did there?)

We Crack Each Other Up

We’re big believers in the key to loving your job is making sure it doesn’t feel like work, and we certainly do our best to do that. It also helps that we’re all hilarious…and humble.

We Own It

Who hasn’t stumbled occasionally? We believe in picking yourself up, eating some chocolate, and learning from your mistakes. Every hiccup makes us smarter and better prepared for the next hurdle.

We Cheer Each Other On

We motivate, inspire, and celebrate each other. But let’s be honest, the occasional office prank is not uncommon. No one is safe.

We're Purposeful

Our work and process is thoughtful and intentional. We excel at looking at a problem and knowing what stays and what goes—so what you’re left with is the best possible product. From websites to badass chalkboard murals, we’re laser-focused on simple, creative solutions.

We're Genuine

Whether you’re a colleague or a client, we give it to you straight, which results in a more authentic product and experience. We don’t believe in creating something that doesn’t get the attention to detail it deserves, which is why our clients keep coming back for more. #weareclientcatnip

Meet the people who make Ingenuity Design great

  • Greg Stewart

    Owner/Creative Director

    As our fearless leader, Greg has grown Ingenuity Design from a one-person shop in his home office to what it is today. His impressive commitment to running and Ironman training has helped him develop the stamina to build an office full of hard-working, hilarious, and talented experts in their field. He thrives on big collaborative projects that require all hands on deck ­and cannot live without dairy-free frozen yogurt.


  • Meghan Stewart

    Managing Partner

    As Managing Partner, Meghan does it all. She is the key to keeping the many moving parts of the Ingenuity office running smoothly and and by far wears the most hats. While her 20 years of account and marketing experience make her a natural to lead the account team and serve as the strategic partner on large scale projects, she’s also our benefits and HR coordinator. She’s always willing to jump in and help on projects, and her cooking and baking skills give us life. What keeps her going? Red Vines and Swedish Fish…straight to the vein.

  • Lauren Baldwin

    Account Director

    Lauren is our resident cat lady, and she’s proud of it. She has four ameowzing cats: Mark, Sweet Pea, Waffles, and Tiny Tunes Tony. The only thing more breathtaking than her ability to work “meow” into any word? The fact that she stays positive in any situation—her smile keeps everyone motivated. When she’s not rocking orange to cheer on Syracuse, you can find her organizing events for our philanthropy task force: Phyllis Thropy.

  • Tom Corbett

    Associate Creative Director, Copy

    Meet Tom. He’s our wordsmith, our haiku guy and our thesaurus worm. To be more specific, he’s our ACD Copywriter. Part witty, part analytical and part pizza, Tom turns strategy and insights into concepts that make you say “whoa.” When he’s not putting pen to paper, Tom’s likely obsessing over Boston sports or looking at photos of food on Yelp.

  • Matt Duplinsky

    Senior Tech Manager

    Matt, aka “Dupli,” is a developer, beer aficionado, and our official drone photographer. He’s a problem solver who enjoys taking on tough projects, has been referred to as a “bacon trailblazer,” and loves to travel. If you ever find yourself in a rap battle with him (What? It’s possible…), be warned: he knows every word of Biggie Smalls’ “Dead Wrong.”

  • Scott Dziura

    Senior Designer

    Scott, aka Skip D, is a fan of soccer, great beer, and anything involving typography. Looking for branding work that will render you speechless? He’s your guy (but make sure you catch him before “Friday Scott” kicks in). He’s the Ingenuity OG (our longest-standing employee), a secret beatboxer, and a staunch believer that skateboarding is not a crime.

  • Amy Glaser


    This is Amy, and she’s not ashamed to admit she loves Tuesdays (Bagel Tuesdays, that is). When she’s not schmearing, Amy can be found at her desk solving complex design puzzles in the form of infographics, social posts, and style guides, usually with a mug of tea. And if she’s not at her desk? She’s probably petting Owen or scheming up her next outdoor adventure.

  • Kate Lang

    Account Director

    Kate came to us from London and has hit the ground running with ease. She’s smart, quick, enjoys tackling website and branding projects, and can ski backwards. She quickly fell victim to the peanut M&M addiction that has swept the office, and is a big fan of Bagel Tuesdays. Prior to Ingenuity, she had studied to be a lawyer, then went into real estate—thankfully, she landed here!


  • Katie McFate

    Director, Project Management

    Katie is the office’s ultimate motivator, yet simultaneously (and stealthily) keeps everyone’s butt in gear. She loves sinking her teeth into internal operations projects and has turned our office into a well-oiled machine. Her monotone voice usually leaves people confused as to whether she’s kidding or dead serious, but her true talent shines when singing along to Top 40 jams for the entire office.


  • Courtney Nienke

    Senior Designer

    When Courtney’s not rolling up her sleeves to tackle a project with the design team, this Midwestern girl is planning the latest work party, singing her heart out, or binge-watching the latest space documentary. In true Ingenuity fashion, this Senior Graphic Designer has a weakness for peanut M&Ms, but as a proud Girl Scout she also stays true to the classic Thin Mint.

  • Marisa Ringel

    Senior Presentation Designer

    Marisa is the ultimate PowerPoint Guru. She regularly blows the minds of the design team with her PowerPoint tutorials, and has an insane amount of tips and tricks up her sleeve. This mom of two (teens Cooper and Jackie) is always positive, stays calm under pressure, and is a secret golf expert who’s played everywhere from French Polynesia to Bali.

  • Sarah Seltzer

    Senior Project Manager

    Sarah is our eagle-eyed project manager. No matter the project, no detail, large or small, gets overlooked. She’s a pro at making sure the office starts each day on-track and focused through the daily stand-up meeting, and her handwriting should be made into a font. She is also super stealthy—she surprised everyone and eloped in Hawaii!

  • Jess Sforza

    Project Manager

    Jess is a presentation ninja — no matter what is thrown at her, she maneuvers her way through it with ease. While managing meetings and presentations are her expertise, she also enjoys jumping in and decoding complex infographic projects. She’s an expert baker, loves flea markets, and never met an ice cream sandwich she didn’t like!

  • Brandon Smith

    Account Executive

    Brandon is a triple threat: he’s quite possibly the friendliest person you have ever met, an incredibly talented photographer, and our resident social media expert. He loves working on branding and packaging projects and is a fan of a great team brainstorm (preferably paired with brownies). Another fun fact? He got married in Paris!

  • Owen Wilson Stewart

    Chief Chair Stealer

    Owen is by far our fluffiest employee, and he takes great pride in his flowing locks. He regularly joins meetings and has been known to contribute to the occasional conference call. He’s a 65-pound Goldendoodle who thinks he’s a 12-pound lap dog and will steal your chair if you’re not careful. He is a loving and sensitive soul and may or may not have a major identity crisis whenever Greg leaves on business trips.

Work At Ingenuity Design

We may be small but we’re mighty. Here everyone has an opportunity to make a big impact so get ready to roll up your sleeves and make your mark. Bring your positive attitude and make sure your impressive skill set is ready to shine. Join in on the jokes, pet the dog, and create great things you’ll be proud of. We’ve got an awesome team—be prepared to have a bunch of new besties.