Point Blue Conservation Science Brand and Digital Refresh

Refreshing a nonprofit brand and expanding a donor base

Point Blue Conservation Science needed to update their focus, messaging strategy and visual identity in order to better connect with two distinct audiences. While the scientific community had rallied behind the organization, they needed to gain traction with donors and supporters.

Starting with an evolved brand identity

Communication strategy

Inspired by hours of employee interviews, we developed personas, a brand platform and voice and tone guidelines to direct Point Blue’s messaging moving forward.

Style guide

Relevant to the general public, but not alienating to scientific experts, the refreshed visual identity and communication strategy is jargon-free and simplified, yet smart and sophisticated.

Style guide pages outlining tone and voice and imagery guidelines

We overhauled, mapping out both new and existing content, simplifying the user experience in both functionality and tone while establishing a clear call to action to donate.

Person holding phone with the new point blue dot org website on screen
Point Blue digital annual report on laptop screen

After a successful brand launch, our relationship continued with a dynamic digital annual report. This report allowed potential donors and science-community partners to learn about Point Blue’s accomplishments in a compelling way.

Since launch, newsletter signups increased by 650%, while donations through the Give Today page on the new website have grown 50%, enabling Point Blue to continue developing conservation solutions for a better planet.