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What’s new in employee
experience and B2B?
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Like other organizations, you likely already recognize the value of a positive employee experience. After all, it delivers so many benefits, including higher employee engagement, performance, and retention. Additionally, a great employee experience helps deliver a better customer experience. When […] More

Unfortunately, at any given time, a portion of your workforce is likely to be disengaged. A combination of external and internal factors—the pandemic, work flexibility needs, and interactions with coworkers, to name a few—can make or break employee engagement levels. […] More

As the old saying goes, “No person is an island.” And based on our latest research, that couldn’t be more true in the workplace. Whether employees work on-site, from home, or on a hybrid schedule, they rely on connections—with their […] More

Following fast on the heels of Millennials, a new generation has emerged — Generation Z. Comprised of individuals born between 1995 and 2012, Generation Z will soon become one of the largest segments of your workforce. To attract and retain […] More

Mentorship is a powerful tool for helping employees overcome work challenges and meet their career goals. But making employee mentorship a reality takes more than matching employees with company leaders and hoping they gel. You also need a robust employee […] More

Empathy is one of the traits that make us human. It allows us to walk in others’ shoes, so we can relate to their emotions and experiences and understand them better. When you build more empathy in your workplace, you […] More

It’s no secret that providing a positive employee experience delivers a wealth of benefits, including higher employee engagement and lower turnover. But when you provide an equally strong candidate experience as a foundation, the chances of a great employee experience […] More

Company managers set the tone for the behaviors of the people they manage. They lead by example and provide coaching to help employees perform. However, the pandemic has kept many managers physically separated from their teams and other leaders. As […] More