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If you’ve been having one-on-one meetings with your direct reports, you already know it provides a great opportunity to check in with your people and share updates. But one-on-ones can be so much more. By providing an opportunity for more […] More

For a while now, the Great Resignation has captured the attention of employers large and small, as record numbers of employees across the U.S. have voluntarily left their jobs. In 2021, an average of four million employees quit their jobs […] More

A robust time-off policy improves the employee experience by giving employees the space to achieve a positive work-life balance. In addition to giving employees time to refresh and pursue their interests, time off also helps employees work more successfully when […] More

Lately, the hybrid workplace has become a popular option for employers to consider when bringing employees back to on-site work. In some ways, a hybrid model is an ideal middle ground; it offers flexibility to employees who have developed a […] More

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Virtual onboarding: connection is in the details

In a virtual workplace, there are moments we miss, moments a new employee won’t see during these times when virtual onboarding has become the norm. At Ingenuity, on the day you first interview and again on day one, our office […] More

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Spice up your Zoom

Our favorite backgrounds are here and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Just drag and drop them to your desktop and upload your new virtual background to Zoom. More

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Finding a Lesson in Every Day

Here at Ingenuity, we’re big fans of learning by doing. It’s that all-hands-on-deck, start-up mentality that helps us succeed. We believe that every project is another chance to learn, whether that’s a new skill or an insight from a success or misstep. More

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Bring your dog to work (every) day

If you know Ingenuity, you probably know Owen. And if you don’t, well, that’s just bad luck for you. Owen is a six-year old Goldendoodle and a very good boy. And Owen is at the Ingenuity office every single day. More