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What’s new in employee
experience and B2B?
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Unfortunately, at any given time, a portion of your workforce is likely to be disengaged. A combination of external and internal factors—the pandemic, work flexibility needs, and interactions with coworkers, to name a few—can make or break employee engagement levels. […] More

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Finding a Lesson in Every Day

Here at Ingenuity, we’re big fans of learning by doing. It’s that all-hands-on-deck, start-up mentality that helps us succeed. We believe that every project is another chance to learn, whether that’s a new skill or an insight from a success or misstep. More

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Bring your dog to work (every) day

If you know Ingenuity, you probably know Owen. And if you don’t, well, that’s just bad luck for you. Owen is a six-year old Goldendoodle and a very good boy. And Owen is at the Ingenuity office every single day. More