The Best People Are Ingenuity People


Welcome to Inside Our Ingenuity.

This little corner of the internet is set aside for us to show off our Ingenuity – our work, our philosophy, our people, our culture. We’ve got a good thing going at Ingenuity Design. We’re a design firm in Fairfield County, CT with great clients, amazing projects, and crazy talented people.

And our people rock. From designers, account folks, project managers, and beyond, we’ve been really lucky to work with top talent.

Actually, no. Scratch that. Luck isn’t the only reason. We work hard to find our amazing people.


Hiring People, Not Skill Sets

Our approach to building our team has always been look at the whole person not just focus on a skill set or a portfolio.

Sure, talent drives our work as a creative shop, there’s no doubt about that. But, we try to see what make the person tick – beyond the title, beyond the skill set. Because there’s always more to people than what they’re paid to produce.

Our early hires were surprisingly multi-faceted and immensely talented. As a small outfit it was critical we all wore different hats. Now we’re bigger, but still “small” and continue to look for those multiple-threat talents.

Watching Talent Evolve

I am constantly surprised by the talent within our team—typically it comes early in their career at Ingenuity. As we get to know a new hire, we start to get a clearer picture of what else they’re capable of – work-wise and life-wise. Their passions emerge, little hints of extracurricular activities start to peek out from behind the “I’m new here” mask. This is where it gets exciting.

Soon, other talents starts to surface. A designer with a knack for writing or sketching, an account person who is a great photographer, a project manager who makes award-winning beer on the weekends, a developer who creates award-winning documentaries – it’s exciting to see everyone’s experiences and backgrounds because it influences who they are as people and the unique value -let’s call it Ingenuity-ness –they add to solving problems at Ingenuity.



Developing Talent Through Experience

I really like to push our people to experience different things, whether that’s videos, websites, campaigns, packaging, or anything else we do here – and it’s a lot.

I believe you learn and develop more as a designer when you’re building on previous experiences. So, I mix it up on them, and ensure they get access to a variety of work and bring fresh perspectives for our clients.  The results are clear – I see designers learn something on one project, and take it to the next – which is typically quite different in style and/or medium. This is how we build technique, grow as creatives and solve our clients’ problems.  It keeps us nimble, fresh, and uncomfortable. When you work at Ingenuity, you have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.



Interviewing for Fit and Skill

So how do we identify those great people? We look for a good team fit, in addition to an impressive portfolio or an outstanding resume. Like I said, we’re small, so personality and chemistry count in this kind of creative environment. We value empathy and respect right alongside killer Photoshop skills and ninja-like strategic thinking.

This idea of fit plus skill makes our interview process a little longer. We are a big enough agency that it’s not just me who needs to confirm fit and skill set. This requires a fluid interview process.  Everyone gets a different take and vibe on the candidate which allows us to really understand how they might fit within our team.



Talent with Ingenuity

The moral of the story is that we work with outstanding people – not resumes, not skill sets. People who do great work together and solve marketing problems like a creative dream team. This is why our clients love us. We make work feel less like work, and more like something we’re all in on, together.


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Inside Our Ingenuity