A Productive Break: The Creative Walk

CULTURE | July 19, 2017

At Ingenuity Design, we spend a lot of time at our computers. It’s part of the job at a design firm. While we have a personality-rich and creative office space in South Norwalk, CT, we still need to escape from time to time. We’re problem solvers. You can’t always solve problems creatively while staring at your screen…even if it is framed by a Star Wars figurine collection.

Enter the Creative Walk. This walk is not the I’ve-made-14-trips-to-the-kitchen-for-M&Ms-and-I-need-to-getouttaheeeeere kind of walk. It’s a quest for inspiration and invigoration.  There’s no set formula or routine though. We grab our cameras and leave the confines of the office to explore our quirky little neighborhood of South Norwalk, CT.

Use a New Perspective

On Creative Walks, we generally look for things that catch our attention in a new way. We actively try to find something fresh in what we walk past every day. There’s so much inspiration to be found in our surroundings, but we can only find that if we challenge ourselves to see things differently. In fact, our only prerequisite for going on the walk is to use a new perspective – our catchphrase (coming to a t-shirt near you!).



Get Moving and Shooting

The walks get our blood flowing and invigorate us with fresh air – so important after logging hours in meetings or scrapping with Photoshop. It’s recharging physically and mentally to grab your cameras and flex that observational muscle. We capture the amazing little details you can easily miss when you don’t look around. Sometimes we just look for random elements, but sometimes we have a mission – typography, pops of color, textures. It’s unreal how much you see when you just look for it.



Inspiring the Designs

Hell yeah. 100% without a doubt.  

There’s a great sense of inspiration and happiness we get after these walks, and it carries over into our work, our demeanor, and of course, design. Colors, font selections, textures and many more design elements have been inspired by creative walks to date. The combination of motion, conversation, and shifting our perspectives just plain old makes us happy –  especially when we catch something really beautiful, refreshing, or remarkable.



Boosting Creativity

Creative boosts are seriously important.  When you can fuel creativity in different ways it makes all the difference in your day to day process. It’s the best way to get out of your own way, and find creative solutions to our clients’ problems.

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