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Columbia University
Giving Day

Promoting university
fundraising efforts to
activate donors

Columbia University has one of the leading fundraising events among U.S. universities. We’ve partnered with them on their Giving Day campaign since 2016, continuously driving engagements and donations.

Giving Day site
Giving day logo

Inspired by the unique mosaics of the 116th Street subway stop at Columbia University, our refreshed Giving Day logo design brought unique stylistic elements to the campaign, while evoking pride and nostalgia from the alumni donor audience.

Utilizing the existing web framework, we refreshed the Giving Day site, pushing the site-user experience beyond the template, to create desktop and mobile experiences that educated and activated.

Giving day site on mobile
Giving Day postcard
Giving day social asset

Each year, the program has evolved and donations have increased. We’ve supported the growing campaign each year with unique mailers that create buzz around the one-day event.

Social activations and user-generated content allow us to reach a larger contingent of alumni, building a foundation of donors that will participate in Giving Day well into the future.