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Disability: In

Crafting a story

of inclusivity from
millennial insights

Mobile view of Disability:IN infographic

Disability:IN partners with businesses to foster workplace equality for people with diverse abilities. In order to grow awareness of their tools and programs, Disability:IN asked us to create a suite of materials to educate businesses on the growing demand for inclusion.

They handed us survey data from a poll of millennial young professionals, and from there we crafted a narrative that came to life in the form of an infographic, social media assets and a postcard distributed at the organization’s annual conference.

Disability:IN Postcard
Disability:In social asset

Each piece told a compelling story: today’s workforce believes that diversity enhances innovative thinking and considers it to be a key consideration when choosing a job.

At the Disability:IN 2018 conference, our work informed 1,500 attendees, resulting in 75% of attending job candidates receiving interviews and 11 companies making job offers to people with diverse abilities.

Disability:IN Conference slide