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Employee Experience

Digital Recruiting Tool

Streamlining the

job requisition process
for recruiters

It can be difficult for a global company to implement consistent processes across their organization, but Ingenuity can help. Like when we built Visa a digital hub for recruiters to create, edit and discover job descriptions for open requisitions.

Visa Role Creator Landing Page

The Visa Job Description Maker made it easy for members of the Talent Acquisition team to open a role for hire, with simple forms and instructions, along with some useful tips and tricks that built consistency of voice and structure.

Visa Role Creator Questions

Always going above and beyond

Make it awesome

Not only did we create an efficient tool for recruiters, but we built in features that allowed for fun and unique customization that would give job seekers even more detail.

Native proofreading

The Job Description Maker also featured a bespoke plug-in that tracked common writing mistakes like run-on sentences and word overuse to ensure every post was smartly written.