11 humans

and a golden

Founder, Executive Creative Director

Managing Partner

Account Director

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Senior Technology Manager


Director, Project Management Office

Associate Creative Director, Presentations

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager,
Presentation Coordinator

Account Executive

Chief Chair Stealer

Greg Stewart

Founder, Executive Creative Director

They say the best way to understand someone is to walk a mile in their shoes, so let’s walk a mile in Greg’s. He’s an avid endurance athlete, with seven Ironman triathlons in the books. He’s also a marketing and design ironman, with 20+ years of experience as creative leader. Big agencies and small agencies, global brands and growing brands – Greg has done it all. And for the past 10 years, he’s put his heart and soul into growing Ingenuity. You know, whoever said to walk a mile in someone’s shoes was wrong. Because to understand Greg, you have to swim 2.4, cycle 112 and run 26.2.

Meghan Stewart

Managing Partner

Meghan is a jack of all trades, master of…all trades. And when you look at her 20+ years of experience in advertising, sales and marketing, it’s not exactly shocking to learn everything she does at Ingenuity. Because she’s done it all before. *Deep breath* She’s part account manager, part agency manager, part people manager. She’s an entire benefits department, a mentor, an advisor, a candy supplier, a recruiter, a new business director and even the Ingenuity brand manager. *Exhale* So, yeah. Master of all trades.

Lauren Baldwin

Account Director

Here’s the thing about Lauren: her (c)attitude is contagious. So, it doesn’t shock any of us that she’s spent 13 years collaborating with clients, strategists, and creative teams to develop and inspire work that gets paw-sitive results. At agencies big and small, she’s worked in account management on financial, pharma, and CPG brands. Meowadays, Lauren delivers strategic guidance to her partners both in and outside our walls. Also, Lauren loves cats. Like a lot.

Tom Corbett

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Tom spends his days telling really, really bad jokes. Sure, we laugh at them a lot, but it’s mostly at the absurdity of what he’s saying. And that’s exactly who we want writing for us, because we know that inside his head the wheels are always turning. He’s always looking for the unexpected idea that makes people say whoa. He’s been at it for over 10 years, writing at agencies and in-house for some of your favorite global brands (and telling those trademark bad jokes). He also loves middle-eastern food, but unfortunately it makes him falafel.

Matt Duplinsky

Senior Technology Manager

In or outside of work, Matt finds order in chaos. He built and maintains his Jeep, a task that requires every single solitary piece of a machine to work in unison. He races mountain bikes, where the line between breakneck speed and a few broken bones is razor thin. And he develops and implements strategic online experiences for our clients, turning creative vision into reality, with no room for error. For some people chaos is daunting and intimidating. For Matt, chaos is a call to action.

Amy Glaser


“Ask Amy.” Around here, we hear it every day. Need a new place to eat, some new music, a cup of artisanal, organic jasmine tea? “Ask Amy.” Because she’s all about what’s new and what’s next, that’s just how her brain works. And when she gets a brief, she looks for the new in it. That unique insight to latch on to, or a single word that inspires an unexpected angle. So when our clients need something different, something that pushes them, something that wows them – “ask Amy.”

Katie Zepeda McFate

Director, Project Management Office

Katie is a star on an intramural volleyball team called Blood, Sweat, and Beers (no big deal). We think that’s a great metaphor for her career as well. For starters, she loves the people she works with, so she measures her success by the success of others – arming us with the tools and support we need to thrive. She also works damn hard, every day, to make sure process and product are in sync. As for the beer? Well, she’s been at this for 10+ years, so.

Marisa Ringel

Associate Creative Director, Presentations

When we got wind that Marisa had her clamming license, we were surprised to say the least. But we shouldn’t have been, because Marisa likes getting her hands dirty. As an accomplished art director turned presentation designer, her job is to craft artful narratives within a medium that’s often under appreciated. And craft she does. Her presentations captivate, morphing masterpieces that add beauty to a sea of corporate sameness. Like we said, on the weekends Marisa goes clamming. But on weekdays? All pearls.

Sarah Seltzer

Senior Project Manager

Every day at Ingenuity starts with Sarah. She leads the team through our stand-up meeting, checking in on every project, down to the details. And after 7+ years in digital and project management, the details are kind of her thing. So no matter the project, no detail, large or small, gets overlooked. And that’s Sarah, reminding us that perfection is in the process.

Jess Sforza

Senior Project Manager, Presentation Coordinator

Look up ingenuity in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of Jess. If you don’t, you probably have an outdated dictionary, because Jess is a problem solver through and through. In a typical day, she’ll troubleshoot PowerPoint, manage the workflow of an entire conference and spend the afternoon making magic out of some cardboard and yarn. Then she’ll go home and turn a shed into an authentic English pub. She’s creativity. She’s craftiness. She’s ingenuity personified.

Brandon Smith

Account Executive

Brandon lists one of his hobbies as “building Ikea furniture without the guide.” Seriously. But, somehow, it makes sense. Because Brandon can do just about anything. With a background in conference planning and event management (and apparently ready-to-assemble Swedish furnishings), Brandon solves every challenge with creative solutions, delivering day after day. Not only is Brandon a client’s best friend, but he’s our resident photographer and social-media guru. See? He really can do anything.

Owen Wilson Stewart

Chief Chair Stealer

Owen is by far our fluffiest employee, and he takes great pride in his flowing locks. He regularly joins meetings and has been known to contribute to the occasional conference call. He’s a 65-pound Goldendoodle who thinks he’s a 12-pound lap dog and will steal your chair if you’re not careful. He is a loving and sensitive soul and may or may not have a major identity crisis whenever Greg leaves on business trips.

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Exercise your


Never stop learning and share your passions.


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Work hard but with a sense of humor.


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Be honest and take responsibility.



Think differently to find smart solutions.

Act with


Make smart decisions and back them up.

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Be respectful. Be humble. Listen.