The Employee Connections study is available.


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The Employee Connections study is now available

Check out the report and webinar featuring the latest findings about workplace connections gathered in our study of over 400 US employees across a range of roles, industries, ages, and incomes. Gain insights and ideas for fostering deeper connections and driving a better employee experience.

Employee Connections Study 2022

There’s no doubt trust is essential to every kind of relationship—between managers and employees, family members, and friends. When you trust someone, you believe what they say and have confidence they will live up to their promises. Trust is critical […] More

Reports of layoffs in the news are troubling and can leave anyone feeling on edge. And if you’ve lived through a company layoff, you know how it can affect those who remain. However, despite the range of emotions employees feel […] More

When talking about what connects people at work, it’s natural to think of the technology platforms employees use to communicate and collaborate. But it’s not just technology that builds workforce connections; connections grow when employees have experiences that build trust, […] More

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs come in all shapes and sizes, with variations in goals and the initiatives designed to meet those goals. But if your diversity and inclusion efforts have stalled, it’s probably time to take action to […] More

Results from our Employee Connections Study revealed there’s no one-size-fits-all when creating experiences that support a connected workforce. Employees come to work with diverse needs and expectations and, therefore, different ways of connecting with their work, coworkers, and manager. As […] More

Successful employer branding helps you share your organization’s vision, mission, and values with employees, candidates, and customers. It allows you to tell employee stories, make announcements, and showcase your organization as a great place to work. When your employer brand […] More

To create an employee experience that helps everyone feel they belong, your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program must align with your company culture and strategic goals. To be successful, your DEI policies and activities should promote the participation and […] More

Employee rewards and recognition aren’t just great vehicles for attracting and retaining talent. They can also help you offer a better employee experience. With a well-crafted rewards and recognition strategy, you can help employees develop meaningful connections with their work, […] More

While anytime throughout the year is a great time to show appreciation to your employees, Employee Appreciation Day (March 3, 2023) provides an excellent opportunity to recognize and celebrate your workforce. The Value of Employee Appreciation Everyone loves to feel […] More

Like other organizations, you likely already recognize the value of a positive employee experience. After all, it delivers so many benefits, including higher employee engagement, performance, and retention. Additionally, a great employee experience helps deliver a better customer experience. When […] More