The Employee Connections study is available.


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The Employee Connections study is now available

Check out the report and webinar featuring the latest findings about workplace connections gathered in our study of over 400 US employees across a range of roles, industries, ages, and incomes. Gain insights and ideas for fostering deeper connections and driving a better employee experience.

Employee Connections Study 2022

Unfortunately, at any given time, a portion of your workforce is likely to be disengaged. A combination of external and internal factors—the pandemic, work flexibility needs, and interactions with coworkers, to name a few—can make or break employee engagement levels. […] More

Company leaders play a unique role in organizations. They create the strategy and lead others to execute it. They also set the tone for how employees work and interact with each other. As your organization’s “culture carriers,” your senior leaders […] More

Many factors influence the employee experience, including the compensation and benefits you offer, your organization’s many talent management programs, and all the touchpoints employees have throughout their employment journey. But the one factor that has always mattered—and probably always will—is […] More

As the old saying goes, “No person is an island.” And based on our latest research, that couldn’t be more true in the workplace. Whether employees work on-site, from home, or on a hybrid schedule, they rely on connections—with their […] More

Following fast on the heels of Millennials, a new generation has emerged — Generation Z. Comprised of individuals born between 1995 and 2012, Generation Z will soon become one of the largest segments of your workforce. To attract and retain […] More

If you’ve been having one-on-one meetings with your direct reports, you already know it provides a great opportunity to check in with your people and share updates. But one-on-ones can be so much more. By providing an opportunity for more […] More

Mentorship is a powerful tool for helping employees overcome work challenges and meet their career goals. But making employee mentorship a reality takes more than matching employees with company leaders and hoping they gel. You also need a robust employee […] More

Empathy is one of the traits that make us human. It allows us to walk in others’ shoes, so we can relate to their emotions and experiences and understand them better. When you build more empathy in your workplace, you […] More