The Employee Connections study is available.


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The Employee Connections study is now available

Check out the report and webinar featuring the latest findings about workplace connections gathered in our study of over 400 US employees across a range of roles, industries, ages, and incomes. Gain insights and ideas for fostering deeper connections and driving a better employee experience.

Employee Connections Study 2022

For a while now, the Great Resignation has captured the attention of employers large and small, as record numbers of employees across the U.S. have voluntarily left their jobs. In 2021, an average of four million employees quit their jobs […] More

It’s no secret that providing a positive employee experience delivers a wealth of benefits, including higher employee engagement and lower turnover. But when you provide an equally strong candidate experience as a foundation, the chances of a great employee experience […] More

A robust time-off policy improves the employee experience by giving employees the space to achieve a positive work-life balance. In addition to giving employees time to refresh and pursue their interests, time off also helps employees work more successfully when […] More

Lately, the hybrid workplace has become a popular option for employers to consider when bringing employees back to on-site work. In some ways, a hybrid model is an ideal middle ground; it offers flexibility to employees who have developed a […] More

Like many organizations, you may be using an intranet to connect employees to valuable company information. An intranet is a great way for employees to find coworker email addresses, internal job opportunities, announcements, and much more. Beyond that, however, maybe […] More

Company managers set the tone for the behaviors of the people they manage. They lead by example and provide coaching to help employees perform. However, the pandemic has kept many managers physically separated from their teams and other leaders. As […] More

The employee experience is a powerful driver for creating impactful change in any organization. In our work with clients over the years, we’ve seen how taking a forward-thinking and creative approach to improving the employee experience can inspire, educate and […] More

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Virtual onboarding: connection is in the details

In a virtual workplace, there are moments we miss, moments a new employee won’t see during these times when virtual onboarding has become the norm. At Ingenuity, on the day you first interview and again on day one, our office […] More