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No matter how busy you get, there’s nothing like taking time to recharge. Whether you’re out in nature or staying in with family and friends, getting unplugged helps you get energized and ready to tackle the work day. Here’s what does the trick for us at Ingenuity.


It’s my first growing season and I love the creative challenge of having a garden. I’m especially focused on the squash, which changes quickly and is demanding in terms of room for growth. I love checking in on the garden each morning, coffee in hand, to make small updates and strategize larger changes. I also love watching nature in action—bees diving into squash blossoms or an epic showdown between a yellowjacket and spotted lanternfly. The quiet of the morning, among nature and beauty, helps me feel prepared to take on the day.


My husband came back from deployment and said he learned a new game called “Dungeons & Dragons,” and wanted me to learn how to play. Just the name made it a hard no for me, but after the first night of playing, I was hooked. It’s escapism at its finest with your best friends every Friday night. I don’t have to leave the house, get dressed up, or spend $$ at a restaurant. In case you’re wondering, I’m a Level 5 Wood Elf Blood Hunter.


For me, it’s the rise of the morning sun. The fresh air. The ability to push myself and be challenged. Whether I’m on my bike or lacing up my shoes, I find working out a complete recharge. I know it seems puzzling that exercising is actually resetting my battery, but it really does. I find the sun so restorative. And while I work out year round, it’s really the warmer and lighter months back east that I enjoy most.

While there’s a social component about 15% of the time, I truly enjoy the isolation and being alone with my thoughts. It can be extremely meditative for me. It gets me back to zero and prepares me for the day.


I recently bought my first home and, with that comes many trials, challenges, and celebrations. For me, this journey has been the sweetest blessing. I love the process of turning this house into a home. From taking on large scale projects like installing a deck, a patio, and replacing walls, to decorating the interior with estate sale finds—antique furniture, curated art, plants—it truly gives me so much life and comfort. It has been my way of expressing my creativity and dedication to a space, all while creating the perfect zen retreat.


Joining events like Ragnars is one way I unwind outside work. The physical adventure, seeing new places, and hanging out with cool people help alleviate any work stress and refresh my mindset, setting me up for a better mood when I’m back online. You know what they say, one a year keeps the doctor away!


Taking walks around my town and its many trails allows me time to get out of my head and enjoy the beauty of where I live. I generally walk for exercise, but I’ve learned that it also helps me deal with stress, problem-solve, and relax. Even on days when I’m unmotivated or busy, I always return feeling refreshed and optimistic about whatever lies ahead in my day.

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