The 2022 Employee Connections Study

The 2022 Employee Connections Study

We conducted research to determine the drivers of employee connections at work and the impact of those connections on the employee experience. We surveyed over 400 employees, covering a range of roles, industries, ages, and incomes, and summarized our findings in a new report and webinar. The results revealed some interesting insights about how employees feel about connections in the workplace.

Super-connected workplaces are key to engagement and retention

Learn how employees perceive their level of connectedness at work, and how the experience of super-connected employees positively correlates with engagement, commitment, and tenure with their employer.

Ingenuity Employee Connections Study 2022


  • Why connection at work matters
  • Understand the four employee attitude segments identified in the research and how each segment perceives and experiences connections at work
  • What employers can do to shape employee experiences that drive connection