The ROI of Employee Connections

  • Author: Melanie Haniph

As we’ve found in our research over the years, the depth of employee connections—to their work, coworkers, customers, and the organization—is key to improving the employee experience and helping organizations thrive. By boosting employee connections, organizations can help employees do their best work and enjoy a positive ROI that impacts company performance and profitability.

Outcomes Proving the ROI of Employee Connections

Our latest research report, The Imbalanced State of Employee Connections at Work, highlights the role of meaningful connections in improving the employee experience. Though some may predict a drop in employee experience investments over time, there’s no denying the power of an employee experience that encourages deeper connections among employees and their work. These connections benefit employees and the organization.

Here’s what your organization stands to gain by building and maintaining employee connections:

More Brand Promoters

Building and maintaining employee connections can mean the difference between a high or low employee net promoter score (eNPS). Connected Employees in our survey were more likely than Disconnected Employees to say they would recommend their organization, and gave their employer a higher net promoter score than Disconnected Employees (65 vs. -33). These promoters enable more cost-effective recruitment by making referrals for open positions and leaving Glassdoor reviews that improve company reputation.

Lower Turnover

Employees with a strong bond to their work and colleagues tend to stay with the company longer. We found that Connected Employees (75%) were significantly more likely than Disconnected Employees (28%) to say they planned to stay with their employer for at least the next year. Retaining more employees ensures better continuity for critical projects. It also limits the cost of turnover, which can be as high as one-half to two times an employee’s annual salary

Higher Employee Engagement

Every organization wants an engaged workforce, and improving employee connections can make that goal a reality. Achievers Workforce Institute research found that employees who experience regular, meaningful connections with their manager are more engaged at work. Similarly, when employees feel connected to their work and team, they become more invested in their team’s success, collaborate more, and consistently give their best effort.

Better Performance

Meaningful social connections help teams communicate effectively, resulting in higher individual and team performance. One study found that employees who are connected at work realize 34% higher goal attainment than those who feel disconnected. Thankfully, employee connections and high job performance are possible regardless of where employees work. Employees in our study said they could feel connected in their current work structure, whether it happened to be on-site, remote, or hybrid.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Connected Workforce

Given the impact of employee experience on an organization’s overall success, it’s easy to see why HR and internal communications teams remain committed to improving it. To learn more about the actions that support a more connected and engaging employee experience, continue reading our blog and follow us on LinkedIn.

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