Employer Branding

BNY Mellon

Attracting university talent with a revived employer brand

BNY Mellon is the nation’s oldest bank, but the branding wasn’t cutting through against competitors—particularly when recruiting university talent.

Focus groups with BNY interns revealed that they expected a traditional “big bank” environment before they joined competitive, formal, behind the times. Instead, they experienced BNY with a welcoming culture, collaborative spirit and innovative work.

BNY had a perception problem. Ingenuity stepped in to help solve it.

Ingenuity leveraged these and other insights into a design exploration. Our goal was to infuse the warmth, energy and momentum of the BNY experience into the brand and close the gap between perception and experience.

Geometric shapes on a solid background.
Magazine layout of brand guidelines depicting color palette, typography, shapes, and patterns.

We developed a unique look and feel for University Talent campaigns—one that could be leveraged and localized in recruiting efforts around the globe. We expanded the BNY brand guidelines to include an orange hue, instantly amplifying the mood and impact.

We elevated an organic form from their existing design toolkit and put it in the forefront, making a bold statement and providing a unique vessel for imagery. And we conducted a detailed photography study to ensure that imagery provided an accurate, authentic reflection of the diverse BNY population.

Two pull up banners with BNY branding and recruitment copy. Largely "join the bank of banks" and "bring your ideas. make history."

We armed BNY with a comprehensive brand toolkit with components they could easily lift and land, including brand guidelines, presentation templates, and digital and social assets. The feedback was universally positive—from original focus groups to global BNY offices and in subsequent campaign execution.

Laptop showing BNY Careers landing page.

I like this for college recruiting – for a growing tech company.”

BNY Intern