New York Power Authority

Simplifying the way employee benefits are messaged

The New York Power Authority (NYPA), America’s largest state public power organization and a Forbes “Best Place to Work,” offers a generous total rewards package (perks and benefits) to current and prospective employees.

While the program was highly valuable, NYPA employees weren’t taking full advantage of the available benefits. When marketing to prospective employees, the value of total rewards was underleveraged as a selling point. To better reach the diverse audiences of existing and prospective employees, NYPA turned to Ingenuity to create a new total rewards communications strategy.

We began with a series of stakeholder and employee interviews, and learned the current messaging was too ‘one-size-fits-all’ and employees were confused about where to get answers and information. The result of the interviews was several personas representing the unique and diverse audiences by delineating their emotional and functional drivers, needs, and preferred touchpoints. Communicating the value of the program and providing employees with the right information when it is relevant to them would be key.

6 avatars on a white background depicting different employees: Seasoned professional, Resource, Career starter, Lifer, Retiree, Union employee
Three mocked up and overlaying landing pages for Total Rewards sites.

We audited industry best-in-class examples and over thirty public- and internal-facing channels and executions analyzing the purpose, content, and cadence of the total rewards communications—our audit validated what we heard in the interviews. These findings laid the groundwork for a comprehensive communications strategy and content roadmap to help users better maximize NYPA’s Total Rewards.

At the heart of our communication strategy was the unifying idea of “Powering You.” The creative strategy of Powering You amplifies NYPA’s values—to be personal, beneficial, and differentiated for all current and prospective employees. Our unifying idea was supported and simplified into four pillars that empower each employee’s total well-being, and the promise of NYPA’s Total Rewards: physical, emotional, financial, and professional benefits.

With “Powering You” as the anchor and personas as the guide, we developed the messaging platform to help NYPA create cohesive, consistent, and helpful total rewards communications. We created a comprehensive calendar of macro and micro campaigns to ensure that benefits were communicated equally throughout the year. We also tied benefit messaging to relevant times of the year, such as career development opportunities and tuition reimbursement during back-to-school season.

Desktop screenshot of a calendar roadmap.
Side profile of laptop and coffee mug with a Touchpoint Persona show non screen.
Laptop image of a sample user journey.

In addition to the communication strategy, we recommended an improved user experience for NYPA’s Total Rewards site. We developed wireframes driven by each persona and recommended ways to deliver personalized information to each employee type. Proposed functional improvements included restructuring how pages are displayed, linked, and labeled; converting materials into a searchable document library; and creating a “new candidates” page.

At the commencement of the project, we armed the NYPA Total Rewards team with a resonant communication strategy, robust messaging toolkit, and detailed UX plan. We’re excited to see how NYPA takes the strategy and runs with it.