Creating a campaign that unites,
inspires and activates all year.

Disrupting the $600 billion home care market takes more than a clear vision and roadmap—it takes a unified team. Thumbtack knew their 2023 employee messaging event would be mission-critical, starting with the All-Employee Kickoff in January.

But how would they rally 800+ primarily remote employees? Articulate priorities so that each group had clear direction and felt connected to the greater goal? And keep the momentum and motivation going all year? Enter Ingenuity.

We held a workshop in late 2022 with Thumbtack’s internal communications team to learn their key messaging objectives and insights. Our key takeaway was the messaging needed to resonate with employees on an emotional level, inspire them to commit to the 2023 strategy, and serve as an umbrella to cohesively accommodate the multitude of initiatives and team events throughout the year.

Laptop screen of a Miro brainstorm.

We presented three different campaigns to achieve this charge. Each captured the optimism of Thumbtack’s home care mission in a manner that energized and empowered. Thumbtack chose Bring It Home.

Laptop screen with title "Bring it home!"

Bring It Home means—crystalizing a point; achieving a goal. It underscores action. It’s the drive and responsibility of every employee to bring 100%, and speaks to the place Thumbtack customers value most—their home. The message refocuses the organization around their singular purpose of providing reliable home care services to those who seek them.

We unveiled Bring It Home at the All-Employee Kickoff and challenged employees to think about how they can help bring it home for 2023. It was the highest attended event to date.

At the Leaders Roadshow, the action plan was to Bring It To Life, establishing the tactical playbook for the year. At Team Connects, Thumbtack’s in person meetups, team members would Bring It Closer by building camaraderie and aligning their team goals to the 2023 strategy.

To help employees stay connected to the strategy, we introduced the Bring It Home Passport. The passport serves to enrich their experience with Thumbtack and deepen their understanding of the business, departments, and customer.

Two table tents with "Bring it home Passport" activity engagement description and instructions.
A set of colorful icons on a white background.

Employees had a list of activities they could complete asynchronously and their efforts were rewarded throughout the year. Activities included attending a mentoring session, submitting a question to the senior leadership team, and participating in Thumbtack University. We created a system of vibrant, branded badges for employees to collect and display on their TackHub intranet profile upon completion of each activity. Each quarter, a top-engaged employee would receive a Bring It Home swag bag.

Tackers could earn their first badge, Bring It Together, through participation in a later 3-day offsite. There, they’d be challenged to share how they planned to Bring It—with each note added to an interactive wall, providing a unifying symbol of their shared commitment.

"Bring it together" white stickers on a gray background.

The Bring It Home campaign resonated with all employees and increased engagement across the board. The Employee Kickoff had 709 attendees and the chat flooded with positive responses. The Bring It Home Passport continues to be a success.

After only the first year of the Bring It Home passport, we’ve seen:

Two stats and icons: "6 months of work. 422 badges awarded."