Employee Experience Insights

Is Your Workforce Super-Connected? How to Tell and Why It Matters

Jun 06, 2023

When talking about what connects people at work, it’s natural to think of the technology platforms employees use to communicate and collaborate. But it’s not just technology that builds workforce connections; connections grow when employees have experiences that build trust,

Building a Connected Workplace: 4 Tips for Getting Started

May 23, 2023

Results from our Employee Connections Study revealed there’s no one-size-fits-all when creating experiences that support a connected workforce. Employees come to work with diverse needs and expectations and, therefore, different ways of connecting with their work, coworkers, and manager. As

5 Ways Employer Branding Helps You Connect With Employees and Candidates

May 17, 2023

Successful employer branding helps you share your organization’s vision, mission, and values with employees, candidates, and customers. It allows you to tell employee stories, make announcements, and showcase your organization as a great place to work. When your employer brand

3 Tips for Using Rewards and Recognition to Connect With Your Workforce

Mar 15, 2023

Employee rewards and recognition aren’t just great vehicles for attracting and retaining talent. They can also help you offer a better employee experience. With a well-crafted rewards and recognition strategy, you can help employees develop meaningful connections with their work,

How the Employee Experience Impacts the Customer Experience

Feb 07, 2023

Like other organizations, you likely already recognize the value of a positive employee experience. After all, it delivers so many benefits, including higher employee engagement, performance, and retention. Additionally, a great employee experience helps deliver a better customer experience. When

Are Your Employees Connected to Your Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values?

Jan 31, 2023

Like many organizations, you probably invest considerable time and effort articulating your company vision, mission, and values. And for good reason. These elements not only help to define your culture, but they also support your strategic goals and provide the