Employer Branding

Danaher Life Sciences

Bringing an employer brand to life in a meaningful and flexible way.

Danaher Life Sciences segment is a global life sciences innovator comprised of ten companies working to solve many of the world’s most important health challenges. When it came to solving an important employer brand challenge, they turned to Ingenuity.

The visual approach would need to express the unique contributions and value proposition of the Life Sciences segment—but also align with the global Danaher employer brand expression. Ensuring flexibility and finding a common thread with ten companies would be key.

Comparison of brand colors for each brand within Danaher Life Sciences

We began with a thorough audit of existing brand assets. In addition to our creative assets deep dive, we conducted a stakeholder workshop to understand the brand personality. We interviewed members of the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition teams to learn their needs and perspectives.

Our goal was to ensure the campaign could stand alone and fit into the overall brand platform and the individual companies cohesively. Our solution was to leverage a common truth across the companies—acknowledging the duality of forwarding one’s own career with advancing scientific discovery. We called the solution “Both.”

Purple and orange shapes overlaying with the copy "Life Sciences AVP Creative Expression: Both. Underlying and guiding our approach to the creative expression for the Associate Value Proposition of the Life Sciences platform is a simple, yet powerful and multi-layered concept. We call this concept 'both.' A fulfilling career is never just one thing. It’s about personal growth and professional development. Impact now and into the future. A culture that’s individual and collective. With the Life Sciences companies at Danaher, associates don’t have to choose. It’s an organization that’s both established and innovative, celebrating the intersections and overlaps that define rewarding careers and remarkable breakthroughs.

We embraced the differences among the Life Sciences businesses and created a messaging platform and visual approach that captured the singular employee experience. We also designed a robust system of colors, graphical elements, photography and fonts that lent to the juxtaposition of forwarding one’s own career and science.

The visual expression featured a “fluid” shape at its core, allowing for diverse overlapping graphics and/or imagery to bring the duality to life.

Example of Danaher Employer Branding element with side profile of young, white woman looking through a microscope and a colored textured overlayed on part.
Desktop view of Danaher Life Sciences career site.

And we provided guidelines and a set of messaging themes and sample copy as a springboard to practical application.

The campaign has been successfully implemented across the LS division. We look forward to feedback and opportunities to improve and elevate its success.