Employee Connections


Educating and engaging employees during a brand repositioning.

As Splunk launched a strategic repositioning and brand evolution to plant their flag as the undisputed leader of the data category, they prioritized educating their workforce on everything new. 

Naturally, they turned to Ingenuity. Our goal was not only to inform, but to drive brand advocacy within Splunk’s walls.

We dove into understanding their international workforce of 4,500+, collaboratively defined employee personas and quickly learned that a moment like this could be received in many ways.

From long-term employees to newbies, existing advocates to skeptics, we aimed to create a campaign that would answer a range of questions, develop continued engagement and activate everyone to become an expert.

We started the campaign by speaking to Splunkers where they speak to one another: Slack. By creating a custom chatbot leveraging Splunk’s de facto mascot (a pony named Buttercup!) we were able to answer employee questions and provide information on the Splunk strategy and direction from launch day forward.

Image of a laptop with a chatbot
Photo of a person on a mobile phone using a chatbot

Now an evergreen tool for Employee Communications, the chatbot will update quarterly to keep employees informed on company milestone moments, events, products and more.

Splunk Super Buttercup and the Search for Everything

We wanted our campaign to be informative, but we also wanted to create moments that sparked fun. So we made a game! With Buttercup as our star, we put Splunkers to the test with a trivia game that enabled employees to take a quick break from their day to play (and learn while they’re at it).

The Super Buttercup game launched moments after the brand repositioning announcement and was immediately a hit. In fact, it became so wildly popular that some of Splunk’s expert engineers hacked the leaderboard in a fight for the top spot!

Game. On. Put your Splunk knowledge to the ultimate test!

Part of Splunk’s elevated brand was a new tagline, “Turn Data into Doing.” Our goal was to connect employees to this mantra and explain how Splunk helps its customers use data to make real-world business decisions.

So, we created five case study videos, each demonstrating the data-informed actions real businesses are taking thanks to Splunk.

Rolled out over the course of six weeks, five Splunk case study videos starred real Splunk employees (and Buttercup) to define the brand’s purpose, in the most simple and Splunky way possible.

Buttercup stretching
Photo of a mobile phone

To amplify the campaign, we created a suite of marketing assets deployed across the organization. From digital display ads to office-screen creative and emails, we ensured that throughout the launch period, the brand, products and positioning were top of mind, all the time.


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